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Melissa Greener

In fifteen years of many thousands of miles touring the globe, with a fervent and ever expanding loyal international fan base, Melissa Greener has attracted more than her share of discerning music industry attention. Early advocates; producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter), and Roseanne Cash; then dear friend, mentor and co-writer Guy Clark, and now Grammy winning producer Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Chris Whitley), who has just recorded and produced her latest album, The Fallow Year

The Fallow Year

The Fallow Year is Greener's pilgrimage to the internal world of complex family dynamics, into the battlefield of mental illness, and out from the brutality of addiction.  The songs are as much a marker of solace, hope and healing, as they are a telling of raw truths. In The Fallow Year Greener takes us through a full-circle reckoning from personal recovery to the enduring audacity of the human spirit.


Melissa Greener - The Fallow Year | An introduction:


Track Previews from The Fallow Year

"A glorious, utterly distinctive voice,
an accomplished guitarist
and an arresting songwriter."

- Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"Greener succeeds in painting superb
portraits of the human condition."

- Maverick Music Magazine

"Beautifully symmetric work, that makes
writing songs look like painting."

- Alt Country Forum


"I can't even explain what it felt like to listen to her. Her song had me in tears... her way of putting words together... her voice... all of it... it took me back in time. It reminded me of how I felt the first time I heard Joni Mitchell perform. I knew, listening to Melissa, that I was standing in the presence of greatness."

- Arlene Boumel, President
Broward Folk Club

photo by Jeff Fassano


The Fallow Year photo shoot with Mark Tucker


On the Road...

Greener’s most recent years of touring have been her most productive, connecting with an ever widening audience at festivals, theaters, and clubs throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

A recent six-week tour around the Northwestern states and Southwestern provinces of the US and Canada ended with a direct flight to the main stage of the Kerrville Folk Festival - central Texas's beloved song-sanctuary - where Greener is a long-time crowd favorite. She was invited there to honor her dear friend, songwriting mentor and co-writer, the late Guy Clark.  

Then it was nine weeks of touring throughout eight European countries - festivals in The Hague and Rotterdam, Netherlands - to a radio show in Hamburg, before sold-out concerts in Berlin and Frankfurt. It was standing-room-only on a Monday night in Dusseldorf…

After Amsterdam and Strasbourg, it was on to the Swedish leg of the tour which began in Stockholm for a special performance at New York-expat Izzy Young's legendary Folklore Center.  (In the 1950's and 60's Izzy's original Greenwich Village storefront hosted first ever gigs for Dylan, Joan Baez, Tim Buckley and many others of the time.) 

Greener’s Irish following “boomed” when her previous concerts at Drumcliffe Cathedral (where W.B. Yeats is buried) landed her a supporting set for Bob Geldof’s legendary band The Boomtown Rats, headlining the Sligo Live Festival in Sligo, Ireland.


Back in US Eastern Time on a frosty December day, Greener arrived at producer Malcolm Burn’s studio to commence recording The Fallow Year.


After fifteen years of touring, Greener remains a dedicated road-dog, un-deterred by the long-haul lifestyle of her first years on the scene: Coffee-stained atlases spread across the Volkswagen van naugahyde dash; putting-on makeup in the side-view mirror after pulling up to the gravel parking lot of a stale-beer-stenched roadhouse; running her own soundboard with half-dead house-gear… And the glamour doesn’t end there.


Greener is working on several non-musical projects including a book of memoirs, a book of her poetry, an exhibition of her fine-art photography, and a podcast series.

Mental Health Awareness Advocate

The Fallow Year is Greener's call-to-action to encourage conversation around mental health issues.  The catalyst;  Her own struggles with major depression, years of drug addiction, and a lifetime of sordid family dynamics.  Now seven years clean and sober, Greener has come a long way from living in her car, busking for gas money. 

Greener has a resonant cheering section for her service work from national organizations.  She is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) and has been met with enthusiastic support from MusiCares (Recording Academy) for her mission to reduce stigmas around mental illness and addiction, and empower those who suffer to reach out for help and seek treatment.  As part of her efforts to speak out about mental health issues, Greener gives talks and leads workshops in a process of healing through song.


Waitin For A Train - Live from Berlin Guitars